D.I.Y. Vintage Blazer Dress! (Thanks Ralph Lauren ;)

So I’ve been waiting for the loooooooongest time to finally write a post about this adorable blazer dress! Last year, I got so sick and tired of not finding blazer dresses in my size that fitted the way in which I wanted. After lamenting to my mom about my jacket dress struggles, I came across this video by Ana Beniara where she takes an oversized, men’s sports jacket and transforms it into a sexy blazer dress. And the best part is that it’s super easy to make!

I later showed my mom the video, and she immediately sprang into action. She went to Goodwill and found some awesome, plus sized men’s sports jackets. They were all gorgeous, but the vintage Ralph Lauren sports jacket was one of the only ones that was large enough to fit over my tummy! Yay for mom!

Thus, I was able to create a really cute & sexy outfit for a great price! I decided to pair the sports jacket with a belt (also from Goodwill, another great find from my mom) to give the appearance of a synched-in waist, creating a flared bottom which balances out the width of the shoulder pads.

Coat Dress Blurry

I’ve always loved the look of sheer, patterned pantyhose. I bought this gorgeous pair of tights from Torrid’s website. The pattern is to die for!

Coat Dress Crooked smile

Coat-Dress side view

Coat-Drees_Back View

I know that the last pic is a bit blurry (sorry!) but I just had to reveal the pattern in the back. They’re stunning!

I also really love my Nine West heels with this outfit. The white bows on the shoes are really cute.

I love how this outfit looks both masculine and feminine. There’re tons of ways to play around with men’s wear!


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